Back To School Loan

Need extra money for tuition, fees, books, laptop, and supplies?

Let Sharefax help you get a head start on the new school year!

5.75% APR*


*APR=Annual Percentage Rate 5.75% APR is valid 07/22/2022 – 08/31/2022 for up to 12 months for Beacon scores of 680 and above. Max to finance for qualified borrowers is $10,000.00. Qualified borrowers must meet signature loan requirements.



 $25.00 GIFT CARD*

$0 minimum balance

$0 ATM transaction fees

$0 mobile deposits

$0 e-alerts & text alerts

$0 for checks

$0 online check images

+         Oops Refund          

= One heck of a deal!

Must be under the age of 25 with a current student ID.

The account holder must be under the age of 25 with a current student ID or approved current class schedule. The account must be signed up for e-statements and maintain a $5 deposit in a savings account. After the member turns 25, the account will convert to a Checking Plus account automatically. If the account is charged ATM fees, the account holder must turn in their ATM receipt and put their account on it and submit to the Payments department within the required timeframe to receive up to $20 rebate of ATM fees refunded. *$50 minimum initial deposit required for reward.