COVID 19 Economic Hardship

Many of our members are experiencing a difficult period in their lives from the impact of COVID 19.  Some members are on layoffs due to mandatory company closings and others have had their hours reduced due to the lack of business.  Sharefax would like to help ease the economic hardship on your family.  Therefore, effective immediately, if you are on temporary layoff or have had a reduced paycheck, you may request for your April and/or May  consumer or mortgage loan payments to be skipped.

Complete this form and then fax your request  to 513-554-6804 or email to Patrick Wohlfrom For first mortgage loans, there will be an additional document to complete.

The credit union is also allowing cardholders to skip their next two credit card payments.  No request is necessary.  If you are current, your next due date will be automatically advanced to avoid late charges.  If you have any questions, please reach out to a member service representative.  Sharefax is here to help our members through these distressed times.


If you were approved for a loan skip for your consumer or mortgage loan at Sharefax, we want to remind you to stop any preset automatic payment during the skip period in order to avoid having funds withdrawn from your account at another financial institution. Sharefax has temporarily put a hold on payments originated through the credit union, however we have no way of halting bill payer transactions initiated from other financial institutions. Thank you.