Early Access

Sharefax Early Access

Sharefax will now post any ACH deposit, not just your payroll direct deposit as other financial institutions offer, up to TWO business days early.*

No cost, No gimmicks, No enrollment!

This would include social security deposits and tax refunds.

Once notification of a pending deposit is received, any deposit scheduled to be credited within the next two business days will be posted immediately.

For example, if Sharefax receives notification of a pending ACH deposit on Thursday, any amount scheduled by the sender for Thursday, Friday, or Monday would be posted on Thursday even though funds may not have been received by the credit union.

Early access to incoming funds is important to many families. Sharefax is glad to be able to help during these difficult times.

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*Please note - If the originating company sends a posting in error, the entry may be recalled by the originating company and the transaction reversed.

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