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(6/18/2018)Low RateEarn Rewards
Card TypeVISA®PrimeVISA® Scorecard
Purchase APR10.00%*10.99%
Annual Fee$0$0
Cash Advance Fee$0$0
Card Limits$15,000 Maximum$15,000 Maximum
Key FeaturesBonus Points are earned with every transaction to be redeemed for merchandise & travelBonus Points are earned with every transaction to be redeemed for merchandise, travel, gift cards & cash back

*Variable Rate Index- Wall Street Journal’s Average Bank Prime Rate. Spread – 5% Above Index

GRACE PERIOD FOR PURCHASES – On purchases you will have a 25-day Grace Period calculated from the date of the first statement showing such purchases. If you do not pay the entire balance for such purchases within the required time, a Finance Charge will be assessed on such balance. There is no Grace Period on Cash Advances (Loans) made on the Credit Card.

Great News for VISA Scorecard Holders!

Sharefax Credit Union VISA Scorecard holders* now have the option to “household” their reward points!
It’s a great way to earn rewards even faster! Go to for additional details or contact a Member Service Representative.

*Must be like cards (Scorecard & Scorecard / Prime & Prime). Last Name, Address and zip code must be the same for all account holders. Only Head of Household will be eligible to redeem points. Points will only be on Head of Household statements.

Sharefax Credit Union Credit Card Disclosures:

Visa® Prime

Visa® Scorecard

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