1st Mortgages


1st Mortgages – Finance up to 97% LTV

  • Terms up to 30 years
  • Fixed rates, adjustable rates & balloon notes
  • Conventional loans with as little as 3% down for owner occupied
  • 25% equity(or down payment) on investment property
  • If LTV is greater than 80% PMI is required
  • Construction Loans
  • Financing anywhere in the U.S. with appraisal
  • Financing for condominiums, vacation homes, double-wides, townhouses, patios and planned urban developments
  • Financing is not available for farms or time shares
  • Residential property must be owner occupied
  • Residential property can contain no more than 4 units

 VA, FHA, & Reverse Mortgages Loans

15/30 1st Mortgage

  • 30 year term with a 15 year fixed rate balloon payment due upon maturity (15 years)
  • Information needed when applying for a mortgage:
    • Last 2 years of W-2′s
    • Four most recent Paycheck Stubs
    • 1st Mortgage information
    • Copy of Deed
    • 2nd Mortgage info (if applicable)
    • Copy of Sales Contract (if applicable)
    • Homeowner’s Insurance Info


Mortgage Examples:

  • 10 YEAR EXAMPLE: 10 year fixed rate mortgage, 3.85% Interest Rate, 3.953% APR. A $150,000 mortgage will be paid in 120 monthly payments of $1,508.01
  • 15 YEAR EXAMPLE: 15 year fixed rate mortgage, 4.25% Interest Rate, 4.322% APR. A $150,000 mortgage will be paid in 180 monthly payments of $1,128.42
  • 15/30 Balloon YEAR EXAMPLE: 15 year fixed rate mortgage, 4.25% Interest Rate, 4.301% APR. A $150,000 mortgage will be paid in 179 monthly payments of $737.91 payment w/ 98,827.81 balloon


Mortgage Rates

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