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What to grab and what to skip in June

couple shopping in the mall

June is the month of sun-kissed beaches, dripping ice cream cones, backyard BBQs … and spectacular sales.

Use this handy list to see what to grab and what to skip this June.

Grab it: Swimwear & lingerie 

Thanks to Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale each June, the first month of summer has always been a great time to stock up on swimwear and lingerie. The boutique has discontinued its swimwear line, but you can still pick up deeply discounted lingerie at the sale, and you’ll find great deals on all your swimwear needs at other retailers.

Skip it: Grills 

If you wait until August or September to splurge on that high-end grill, you should be able to buy it for half the price!

Grab it: Donuts 

National Donut Day is in June; join in the celebration! Krispy Kreme will hand you a baked treat just for walking through their doors on June 1.

Skip it: Designer clothing 

Love brand-name clothing, purses and shoes? You’ll be wise to wait another month before giving your wardrobe an overhaul.

Toward July’s end, you’ll be able to nab incredible deals on name brands like Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and more at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale and other high-end retailers.

Grab it: Movie tickets

You’ll find $1 movie tickets in June to help kids beat the heat and offer families a fun and economical outing.

Skip it: TVs 

You won’t find much in the way of TV deals this month, and you’ll be stuck paying full price – or more – on any purchase. It’s best to wait until next season when TV prices start dropping.

Grab it: Outdoor gear

Pick up outdoor gear for a great price when you most need it! June is a great time to stock up on fishing, hiking and camping gear and supplies.

Skip it: School supplies

You’re better off waiting another month or two before stocking up on pencils and paper. Back-to-school sales start rolling out in July, but don’t pick up speed until mid-August.

Grab it: Gym memberships

Summertime can get dry for gyms. Cash in on this drop in business by snagging a great deal on a gym membership this June.  If you’re not ready to sign up for a full year, you might be able to land a free trial day or two, or a complimentary class.

No more excuses for not getting into shape!

Skip it: Laptops

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, it’s best to wait until the back-to-school sales start in July and August. Laptops will be marked down then along with all the school supplies your child needs before September.

Grab it: Kitchenware

You’ll find the most popular wedding gifts on sale this month, namely dishware and cookware. Take advantage of these sales to buy wedding gifts, replace old dishes or stock up on pots, pans and glassware.

Happy shopping!

What is a Credit Union?

Credit unions are non-profit cooperative financial institutions that are owned by their members, and directed by volunteer board members.


Membership has its Privileges!

As a member, you are an owner. Members have easy access to their funds nationwide. Plus, Sharefax members benefit from low fees and personalized member service.

Sharefax Cares

Sharefax Credit Union supports Cincinnati Children’s Hospitals through Credit Unions for Kids which is a national campaign benefiting Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals.


Sharefax Mobile Banking App

Mobile Banking is the ultimate in on-demand service. With it, you can receive alerts about your account activity delivered right to your cell phone. Imagine getting a text message if your account falls below $100. Or, receive an alert so you’ll know as soon as a deposit has been made, or a check has cleared. Mobile Banking delivers the information you need, when you need it.

Fully secure. Use Mobile Banking with complete confidence. It delivers the highest level of security thanks to multiple layers of authentication.

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Free Online Banking 

Now you can have 24-hour access to real-time account information from the convenience of your personal computer. Online Banking is convenient, easy to use, and more secure than ever.

  • Check all your account balances, pay bills and make transfers right from the Home Page
  • View real-time account balances, check images and history
  • 24-hour access to checking, loans and CDs
  • Export history to financial software or spreadsheets
  • Request stop payments
  • Safe and secure
retirement just ahead

Have you built your nest egg yet?

Have you started to consider what you’d like your lifestyle to be after retirement? These are important questions to address when thinking about retirement and your future. Sharefax Credit Union Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) are a great option to help save and provide potential tax advantages. We offer Traditional and ROTH IRAs for your convenience. Does your employer offer any retirement options such as a 401(k), 457 or 403(b) plan? If your employer offers you a retirement plan, you need to consider taking advantage of this opportunity and make recurring contributions.

Fresh Start Programs

Special Financing

Our Fresh Start Loan Program is designed for our members who may have gotten off track with their personal finances and need help to reestablish their credit or are in need of an emergency loan. In conjunction with Consumer Credit Counseling Services, Sharefax Credit Union has created a money management educational program for our members with credit problems. Some members, who do not qualify for a loan under our current lending policy, can complete a credit management session and be automatically approved for a loan with certain restrictions. Plus Sharefax offers other programs including Starter Loans, Low Income Financing, and $en$ible Cash Loan Program.