Student Accounts

Student Checking


  • A $25.00 GIFT CARD when the account is opened with a $50 deposit
  • The account holder must under the age of 24 with a current student ID or approved current class schedule for an accredited school college or university.
  • Maintenance fee free checking until the age of 25. After the member turns 25, the account will convert to a Checking Plus account automatically.
  • NO fees whatsoever will be charged when using a Sharefax, PNC, Fifth Third, or Alliance One ATM. Surcharges may be charged by a machine owner not listed above when using their ATM. However, Sharefax will refund up to $25 per month upon request for Student Checking accountholders to cover surcharges accumulated at fee charging ATMs.
  • Free Mastercard/Debit card transactions when choosing the “credit” option at merchants
  • Free ATM inquiries (up to 4 per month – .50 per inquiry thereafter)
  • Free mobile check deposits
  • Free e-alerts & text alerts
  • Free one (1) box of checks at account opening
  • Free B2B transfers
  • Free online check images
  • Online Bill Payer
  • Access to over 5,000 Shared Branching locations nationwide at which deposits & withdrawals may be made free of charge. This is a great perk when you’re at college!
  • 0.25% off an auto loan
  • Oops! Refund – One per quarter. We’ll cover one NSF fee per quarter!
    Contact us at (513) 753-2440 to request your refund within 30 days of posting.
  • The account must be signed up for e-statements and maintain a $5 deposit in a savings account.
  • Please bring a picture ID as well as a current student ID or approved current class schedule for an accredited school college or university.

Minor Account – Dollar Dog Club

Minor Account – Champion Savers Account

  • Members 17 and younger
  • Quarterly prize drawings
  • Helps to develop healthy savings habits for our young members
  • Tiered Rates  – Click here for a complete rate sheet
  • Dividends on the Champion Club are split rates, which means that the dollar amounts within each specific range each day will have dividends calculated separately at the dividend rate for that range and the calculated dividends for each range will be added together to calculate the total dividend paid each quarter.