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Sharefax VISA Credit Card is
a great addition to your wallet!

Four Reasons To Get A Sharefax Credit Card

Build Your Credit

Your credit score is vital for getting the best rates on loans. If you use a credit card wisely, you’ll build healthy credit and improve your score.

Convenient funds

If you don’t have enough money on you for everyday purchases, such as gas or groceries, you can easily pay for them with a credit card.

Lower Rates

Our interest rates are lower and our cards are consumer-friendly because our priority is your financial freedom, not making money.

No Annual Fee

Unlike banks and other financial institutions, our cards have no annual fee. Our credit cards offer fraud protection and are accepted worldwide.

For Teens 15-17
Get a Sharefax Credit Card

The Best Extra Credit Ever! No homework or essays!

A Sharefax Visa Credit Card* is the perfect way to start building
your credit and to help you
reach your future dreams and goals!

Get 5,000 triple points for new Scorecards
at the time of opening!**

*Eligible with a co-signer.

**This offer is good for a Sharefax VISA Scorecard.

Offer valid May 1, 2024 - June 30, 2024.

Save money on your purchases with a low annual percentage rate

VISA Prime*13.50%28.99%
VISA Classic with Scorecard12.50%20.93%

*Variable Rate Index- Wall Street Journal’s Average Bank Prime Rate

**As reported by CreditCards.com™ as of August 18,2023.

Rates are subject to change. Please check with a Member Service Representative.


Get your free credit report today at www.annualcreditreport.com

Plan Your Next Vacation Escape with
a Sharefax Credit Card

Get 5,000 triple points for new Scorecards
at the time of opening!*

*This offer is good for a Sharefax VISA Scorecard.

Offer valid May 1, 2024 - June 30, 2024.

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What will you do with your new Sharefax VISA Card?


Cook, fly, rent, repair, see, listen, ride, stay, send,
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