Savings Certificates Rates

Savings Certificates

Sharefax guarantees to meet or beat any local financial institution’s advertised certificate rate for the same term and requirements. (based on the new qualifications).

Rates are subject to change. Please check with a Member Service Representative.


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*Account requirements: This offer applies to residents working or living in Southwest Ohio.
The Bump Certificate has a minimum initial purchase of $10,000. This offer is available on
3 year, 4 year, and 5 year savings certificates.  Certificates will be opened and interest will
accrue as of the date funding is received. The savings certificate is subject to early withdrawal
penalties. During the term of this certificate, the certificate owner has the option to initiate
a rate adjustment one time per year to the prevailing Sharefax rate for the initial term on that
product.  One rate adjustment per year is reflective of an anniversary year based on the
certificate open date. The certificate owner must provide a written request through mail or
email This offer is applicable to new money. New money is defined as
proceeds not previously on deposit with Sharefax.
Updated 7/23/2018Min.RateAPYJumbo/SilverAPYGoldAPY
3 Months$5001.00%1.00%1.20%1.21%1.25%1.26%
6 Months$5001.15%1.16%1.35%1.36%1.40%1.41%
12 Months$5001.50%1.51%1.70%1.71%1.75%1.76%
15 Months$5001.85%1.87%2.05%2.07%2.10%2.12%
2 Years$5002.00%2.02%2.20%2.22%2.25%2.27%
3 Years$5002.15%2.17%2.35%2.38%2.40%2.43%
4 Years$5002.25%2.27%2.45%2.48%2.50%2.53%
5 Years$5002.50%2.53%2.70%2.73%2.75%2.78%
80 Month$15,0003.00%3.04%3.20%3.25%3.30%3.35%
Prime Advantage 18 Months$5003% below Prime Rate (cannot decrease, only rise)

Regular Certificate APY reflects $500 minimum deposit.

Business Benefits members do not qualify for Silver/Gold Savings Certificate rates.

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