Savings Certificates Rates

Savings Certificates

Rates are subject to change. Please check with a Member Service Representative.

Updated 8/19/2021Min.RateAPYSilverAPYGoldAPY
3 Months$500.25%.25%.45%.45%.50%.50%
6 Months$500.30.30%.50%.50%.55%.55%
12 Months$500.35%.35%.55%.55%.60%.60%
15 Months$500.40%.40%.60%.60%.65%.65%
2 Years$500.45%.45%.65%.65%.70%.70%
3 Years*$500.50%.50%.70%.70%.75%.75%
4 Years*$500.60%.60%.80%.80%.85%.85%
5 Years$500.80%.80%1.00%1.00%1.05%1.05%
80 Month$15,0001.00%1.00%1.20%1.21%1.25%1.26%
Prime Advantage 18 Months$5003% below Prime Rate (cannot decrease, only rise)

Regular Certificate APY reflects $500 minimum deposit.

Business Benefits members do not qualify for Silver/Gold Savings Certificate rates.

SHAREFAX CERTIFICATE MATCH: If you are a “Gold” or “Silver” member and happen to find a higher savings certificate rate at another local financial institution when renewing or purchasing a CD, please ask your Sharefax representative if the credit union will match the rate.  Sharefax’s goal is to always offer the best value possible to our members.