Savings Certificates Rates

11 Month No Penalty Savings Certificate

4.00 % APY*

no penalty cd

This certificate allows you to withdraw the funds at any time during

the term of the certificate without incurring an early withdrawal penalty.

This offer only applies for this 11-month certificate.

A minimum deposit of $10,000 is required.

Introductory rate is valid February 1 - March 17, 2023.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. 4.00% APY (rate of 3.93%) for 11 months. The introductory rate is valid February 1 - March 17, 2023. A minimum deposit of $10,000 is required. IRA and HSA certificates are not eligible for this offer. To withdraw funds from this 11-month certificate with no penalty assessed, the entire amount, principal plus dividends earned, must be withdrawn in a single transaction. Not eligible for any other rate additions. Certain restrictions may apply. This offer may be withdrawn at any time at the credit union’s discretion. Rate subject to change without notice; see Truth-in-Savings for complete account disclosure. Credit Union membership required. Not valid for other financial institutions. Insured by NCUA.

Savings Certificates

Rates are subject to change. Please check with a Member Service Representative.

Updated 10/13/2022Min.RateAPYSilverAPYGoldAPY
3 Months$5001.35%1.36%1.55% 1.56% 1.60%1.61%
6 Months$5001.75%1.76%1.95%1.97% 2.00%2.02%
12 Months$5002.00%2.02%2.20%2.22%2.25%2.27%
15 Months$500 2.10%2.12%2.30%2.32%2.35%2.38%
2 Years$5002.25%2.27%2.45%2.48%2.50%2.53%
3 Years*$5002.50%2.53%2.70%2.73%2.75%2.78%
4 Years*$5002.75%2.78%2.95%2.99%3.00%3.04%
5 Years$500 3.00%3.04%3.20%3.25%3.25%3.30%
80 Month$15,0003.25%3.30%3.45%3.51%3.50%3.56%
Prime Advantage 18 Months$5003% below Prime Rate (cannot decrease, only rise)
*BUMP CDsRequires a minimum balance of $10,000.00.

Regular Certificate APY reflects $500 minimum deposit.

Business Benefits members do not qualify for Silver/Gold Savings Certificate rates.

SHAREFAX CERTIFICATE MATCH: If you are a “Gold” or “Silver” member and happen to find a higher savings certificate rate at another local financial institution when renewing or purchasing a CD, please ask your Sharefax representative if the credit union will match the rate.  Sharefax’s goal is to always offer the best value possible to our members.

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*Account requirements: This offer is available on 3 year, 4 year, and 5 year savings certificates. Certificates will be opened and interest will accrue as of the date funding is received. The savings certificate is subject to early withdrawal penalties. During the term of this savings certificate, the certificate owner has the option to request one rate adjustment during each 12 month period based on the certificate open date to the current Sharefax rate being offered for the same term as when purchased. Only one rate bump is permitted during a 12 month period. The rate bump request must be received by mail or email BUMP CDs require a minimum balance of $10,000. One rate adjustment per year is reflective of an anniversary year, based on the certificate open date.

**Gold Rates are based upon your product utilization and balances at Sharefax. To see if you qualify, please contact a member service representative.

(If the certificate was purchased on 8/31/2021, it would not be eligible until 9/1/2022).

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