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money talk kid

Money Talk: Emergency Fund Part 2

“I’ve been saving up for months!” Meghan was telling her friend Jessica as they toweled off after enjoying a swim ...
money talk kid

Money Talk: Emergency Fund Part 1

Have a Money Talk with your kids today. Here are some helpful Talking Points: * Can you think ...
lady reading from tablet

Six Figures Under – Dig Out From Your Mounting Debts

When Stephanie and her husband found themselves looking at a six-figure student loan debt load in 2009, they ...
parking lot

4 Parking Lot Scams

The buds are sprouting—and so are the scams. Watch out for these common parking lot scams as you attend baseball games, outdoor concerts ...

Ohio REALTORS Housing Disaster Relief Fund Ohio REALTORS officials held a press conference last Thursday in the Dayton area announcing the establishment of ...


The tax code gets a bit of an overhaul each year, and with the changes, it can get ...
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