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Remembrance: Juneteenth (June 19th) celebrates the emancipation of enslave people of African descent in Texas, the last state ...
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4 Ways to Pay for a Vacation

1. Vacation Savings Account Set up a separate savings account at the credit union to use just for ...

Micro-Deposit Scams

Scammers are always upping their game, and they’ve recently pulled out an old trick: the micro-deposit scam. Unfortunately, ...
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How to Invest in Your Future by Opening a Retirement Fund

1. Set aside the recommended 15% of your income for retirement. 2. Consider your options: A 401(k), IRA ...

The Comprehensive Guide to Insurance Coverage

Insurance premiums can take a big bite out of a monthly budget, but not having enough coverage can ...
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Beware the USPS Smishing Text Scam

Your phone pings with an incoming text. You swipe it open to find a message from the USPS. ...