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Dreaming of a new kitchen, updating your bathroom, or a new addition to your home?

Dreaming of using your tax refund for a new kitchen, updating your bathroom, or a new addition to ...
Two beautiful women traveling with convertible car

Shopping for a new car? Use Your tax refund.

Are you in need of a new car, SUV or truck? Use your tax refund as a down ...
unemployment and taxes

I Was Temporarily Furloughed and Then Came Back to Work, What Does That Mean for My Taxes?

Whether you are furloughed, laid off or fired, it hurts. It’s a blow to your ego, and losing ...
taxes and social security

What is the Social Security Withholding Tax Deferral and What Does It Mean to Me?

Most employers are required to withhold 6.2% in Social Security tax from their employees’ pay and submit it ...
covid and taxes

COVID-Related Distributions from 401(k) Plans – How will it impact my taxes?

The coronavirus certainly threw a monkey wrench in our finances this year, didn’t it? But there is some ...
tax time

Tax Credits Are Often More Valuable Than Deductions

If you are confused about the difference between a tax deduction and a tax credit, you are not ...