Fee Schedule

Checking Account Services 
All fees are per item unless otherwise stated
Certified Check Fee$6.00
Stop Payment Fee$29.00
Phone Transfer Fee (No charge for S.T.A.R./Home Banking)$4.00
Non-Sufficient Funds Check Fee$29.00
Statement Reconciliation Fee (per hour - 1st time free)$25.00 per hour
Starter Checks (per page of 4)$1.00
Courtesy Pay Fee$29.00
Money Market Account (Check amounts under $100)$10.00
Money Market Excess Check Clearing Fee (No charge on first 3 per month)$15.00
Credit Card Service Fees
Late Charge (per month)$27.00
Sales Slip Copy Fee (per copy)$10.00
Replacement Fee for Lost Credit Card Fee (per card)$20.00
Credit Card Annual FeeNONE
"Convenient Checkcard Fees"
All fees are based per item
Invalid Chargeback Fee Minimum$25.00
Local non-proprietary ATM Withdrawal Fee$0.75
Nation Network ATM Withdrawal Fee$1.50
ATM Account Transfer Fee$0.75
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (No charge on first 4 per month)$0.50
Replacement Fee for Lost ATM/Debit Card Fee (per card)$20.00
ATM Point of Purchase Fee$0.50
Empty Envelope Deposit Fee$25.00
Miscellaneous Fees
All fees are per item unless otherwise stated
Bill payments - in excess of 14 per month$1.00 each
Stop Payment Fee$29.00
Check Copy Fee - No charge for 1st copy$5.00
Stop Payment Release Fee$8.00
One-time origination stops$29.00
Cashier’s Check Fee$6.00
Money Order Fee Member First 2 are FREE $1 thereafter
Statement/History Copy Fee & Fax Fee$1.00 per page
Collection Item Fee$15.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Domestic)$25.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Foreign)$50.00
Wire Transfers (incoming)$10.00
Non-Sufficient Funds ACH Fee$29.00
Personal/Business Return Check Fee$29.00
Third Party Returned Check Fee$15.00
Credit Bureau Inquiry Fee (excludes mortgage loans)$35.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee$8.00
Court Ordered Processing Fee ‐ Tax Levy & Garnishment$40.00
Incorrect Address Fee
(If mail is returned to Sharefax as undeliverable)
Coin Deposited in Excess of $100 (excludes minors)5% of Deposit
Monthly Minimum Balance Fee (excludes minors)
(If average total savings is < $50 & no active loan)
Check Cashing Fee (If non‐member or total savings < $25 & no active loan)$5.00
Foreign Check Processing Fee$25.00
Check/Credit/Debit Card Payment by Phone$10.00
Subordination Prep Fee$25.00
Negative Balance Fee (per item)$29.00
Multiple Check Withdrawals to 3rd Parties (per item) Member $2.00
Account Reopen Fee$25.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee$4.00
Gift Card$2.00
Reloadable Gift Card
In-Branch Reload Fee$2.00
Bill Payer pass through fee $25.00
Transfer Now pass through fee-NSF / NOC$25.00
Verification of Deposit$10.00
Escheated Processing Fee$50.00
Next Day Transfer Fee (varies by transfer amount)
Dormant Account Fee (over 2 years)$5.00 per month
Business Benefits Fees
Excess per transaction fee (per item)
Balances under $10K$0.25
Balances $10 and over$0.15
Business Member ACH Origination Fee (per month)$10.00

Updated 3/1/2018

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