Five Must-have Gadgets for College Students

You’ve already got your laptop, tablet and, of course, your smartphone. What more can you
need for college?

Check out our list of 5 super-convenient gadgets that every college student should know about.

1. Smartpen
This is perhaps the most helpful gadget imaginable for students. Livescribe smartpens are
incredible. You can use them to capture your notes digitally as you take them during lectures.
You can use them in conjunction with your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Not only do these
awesome pens capture your writing, but they also record beautiful digital audio that you can use
to listen to your professor’s lectures again when you are getting ready to ace your midterms

2. Laptop lock
There’s nothing more terrifying than leaving your laptop on a table in the library only to come
back a minute later and find it gone. Avoid this nightmare with this quick and cheap solution.
Purchase a security cable for your laptop to keep it where it is. You can buy a Ruban’s notebook
lock for just $8.99. The cable runs up to 6.2 feet long and will make your laptop immovable for
everyone who doesn’t know your four-digit code.

3. Google Chrome extensions
All that research can give your Google Chrome quite a workout! Let it do its job swiftly and more
efficiently by installing a Google Chrome extension on your laptop. You can download your
choice of extension for free – and make your work a whole lot easier!

4. Dictaphone
Never miss a word of the lecture again! This is one of those gadgets most college students don’t
realize they need until half the semester is over. An efficient Dictaphone can be left at the
lectern during a class and serve as the perfect backup to spotty note-taking. Choose a model
that is sturdy and solid with a decent battery life for the best performance.

5. Noise canceling headphones
You can control your own study habits most of the time, but there’s no way you can control your
roomies’ method of dealing with schoolwork. If your roommate loves to party hearty in your
room every night while you’re cramming for finals, or you just want to block out the entire world
and concentrate on your notes, you need a pair of noise-canceling headphones. You can plug
into your favorite tunes while you work, or even wear them without plugging into any device at
all! You’ll have that quiet you’re craving and it’ll be just you and your work; you won’t even
notice the distractions surrounding you. Study on and go ace that exam!