Fraud Alert

Real live fraud event: Recently a member came into Sharefax while on the phone. The teller could see that the call was muted asked if it was a phone call. This is a red flag that Sharefax has trained our employees. The teller also had seen this type of fraud before.

The member came in asking about account balances and then stating the need for a wire transfer.

The member was told by the fraudster that their social security number had been compromised and that a wire transfer of funds needed to be done to protect their money.

After looking at the member’s account the teller asked said member if there had been recent transfers of all of the funds into checking account. At first the member was hesitant to answer and then the teller stated it was a total of over $100,000 that had been moved.

The member believed someone else had all of the account information and was moving the money, not the member.

This is the second time a member with this story has came into the branch.

The teller was successful in helping the member set up all new accounts.