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(Rates as of 9/13/2023) Variable Rate IndexEarn Rewards
Card TypeVISA® PrimeVISA® Scorecard
Purchase APR13.50%*12.50%
Annual Fee$0$0
Cash Advance Fee$0$0
Card Limits$15,000 Maximum$20,000 Maximum

*Variable Rate Index- Wall Street Journal’s Average Bank Prime Rate. Spread – 5% Above Index

GRACE PERIOD FOR PURCHASES – On purchases you will have a 25-day Grace Period calculated from the date of the first statement showing such purchases. If you do not pay the entire balance for such purchases within the required time, a Finance Charge will be assessed on such balance. There is no Grace Period on Cash Advances (Loans) made on the Credit Card.

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Sharefax offers members cutting edge technology, making checkout fast, easy and secure with our Tap To Pay contactless cards. Contactless VISA cards will be offered to new Sharerfax members and on an ongoing basis to current members as their cards are up for renewal or replacement.

If your Sharefax VISA card has the Contactless Indicator on it, you can use it to make purchases easily. Here's all you need to know to confidently tap to pay:

  1. It's fast. When you tap to pay, your payment is processed in seconds so you can quickly be on your way.
  2. It's easy. No need to insert your card or swipe it. Just tap your card over the Contactless Symbol on the checkout terminal.
  3. It's secure. Contactless cards use the same trusted security as chip cards. Each transaction is protected by a dynamic encryption that protects your payment information.

Use your contactless Sharefax VISA card where you see the Contactless Symbol at participating retail stores, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops, drug stores, pharmacies, and more!

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Sharefax Credit Union Credit Card Disclosures:

Visa® Prime

Visa® Scorecard

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