What Makes Credit Union Credit Cards Better?

Credit cards from credit unions are becoming more popular for those looking for better and more personalized financial options. With a member-centric approach, credit unions are known to provide cards with several advantages. These include lower interest rates (APRs), fewer fees, excellent customer service, and special perks and rewards. Let’s examine these features to see why union credit cards are often superior.

Advantage 1: Low Annual Percentage Rates (APR)

For credit cards, the annual percentage rate (APR) is the yearly rate of interest you will get charged if you have an outstanding balance. Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions that operate to serve their members’ best interests. That’s why they usually provide lower APRs. So, just in case you have an unpaid balance on your card, lower APRs mean less interest accrues on it, saving you money on interest payments. 

Advantage 2: Minimal Fees

Credit unions are known for their commitment to keeping fees to a minimum. Their credit cards often have lower annual fees, balance transfers, and penalty fees. Cardholders can have peace of mind knowing they can handle their credit card finances without excessive charges.

Advantage 3: Excellent Customer Service

Credit unions are member-owned organizations. That’s why they provide the best possible service to their members, which extends to their credit card offerings. Members can expect attentive and responsive service, whether they are applying for a new card, have questions about charges, or need financial advice. This personal approach significantly enhances the cardholder’s satisfaction and banking experience.

Advantage 4: Awesome Rewards and Member Benefits

Union credit cards also come with many rewards as competitive as those big banks offer. These may include cashback on purchases, travel rewards, bonus points, and more.

Plus, most credit unions offer unique member benefits, like exclusive offers on tax tools and car maintenance services. Members can take advantage of these extra perks to maximize the value they receive from their card.

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